Caffe Praego single origin INGOBOKA LAKE KIVU blend

Ingoboka Co-operative is located in the Rutsiro district in the western province of Rwanda, on the shores of Lake Kivu, in a tranquil yet utterly beautiful valley.


The Co-operative launched in 2004 with 135 farmers, maintaining around 10,000 coffee trees, so a relatively small plantation by Rwanda’s standards.

Coffee trees grow quickly once planted as saplings, with a life expectancy of around 20 years. Trees are planted on surrounding islands close to the washing station, so after the daily picking during harvest the cherries are carried up to the flotation tanks ready for sorting & cleaning.

Ingoboka produces around 200 tons of fully washed, finest grade 1 & 2 Arabica Bourbon Coffee per year at an altitude of around 1800m. Trees are grown on extremely lush, rich volcanic soil that produces the most delicious red fruits.

Once roasted the Arabica bean gives a silky, creamy body along with good floral notes & balanced acidity. The aroma provides hints of lemon & floral notes complementing the sweet citrus qualities with hints of caramel in the rich aftertaste. Our Kivu Blend adds a small amount of Robusta to slightly reduce the acidity to deliver a deep, rich and full flavour making this blend a superbly balanced and delicious ‘all-rounder’ for a perfect Espresso.

Ingoboka “Cupping & Taste Profiling” regularly scores extremely highly with @88 points – the very best boutique coffees score around 89 to 90.

Ingoboka are Fair Trade certified plantation & are 100% organic.

In 2011, Ingoboka Co-operative won the prestigious award for “Coffee Cup of Excellence”