WMF 1500S
July 11, 2017
WMF Commercial Espresso Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
July 11, 2017

WMF 5000S

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Every second counts

One of the biggest challenges in coffee service is being able to respond flexibly to peak service times. It’s not only a matter of staff organisation but also machine capacity. The WMF 5000 S bean to cup coffee machine ensures, for example, that during the morning rush hour on the streets or in your office, customers or staff are all quickly served and satisfied, this is no just longer down to staff, but providing a consistently top quality, high-speed preparation process. These are of course major success factors which facilitate higher turnover on a daily basis.
Pace you can depend on
The WMF 5000 S coffee machine is like a loyal team member you can always depend on: pulling its weight and always fast enough when it counts. At the same time, it is intuitive and easy to use. Just as staff aim to please customers with a friendly smile, this fully automated bean to cup coffee machine gives you a perfectly tailored drink at
the touch of a button – for each and every customer every time. The WMF 5000 S not only offers high performance, but can be cleaned efficiently and thoroughly with ease. As we all know, nobody can afford to wait.


Dynamic Milk offers a full range of milk and milk foam creations – fully automatically. Speedy cleaning thanks to „Clean in Place“

The heavy duty brewer and high performance pump ensure a long service life and peak performance.

The SteamJet brings every cup to the correct temperature in a matter of seconds.

Rapid hot milk and foam at the push of a button – or the classic way with Auto Steam or Easy Steam.

With its impressively sleek dimensions, this head-turner makes room for additional coffee machines or add-on-devices.

Practical Small-Medium- Large functions (SML) simply match each desired beverage to the various predefined filling volumes.
Large, removable, lockable product hoppers. The coffee bean hoppers are dishwasher-proof. Ideal for easy cleaning.

Large touch display with self-explanatory “digital operating manual”. Automatic messages signalling current operation status.
Perfectly coordinated add-on and vending devices alleviate labor and boost performance.
Milk flexibly supplied from either left or right side, or underneath.

The illuminated side panels flash when action is required (e.g. when the coffee beans need refilling).
For Prices – Call 01942 914040


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