Canteen Cheer

Dining in an canteen can offer a unique experience which is convenient, allows social interaction and encourages nourishment for the students. Not to mention enhancing the educational experience.

Overall, dining in an educational canteen offers not just sustenance but also a social and communal experience that enhances the overall educational environment.
Why not add the perfect College Dining Facility, serving students with the perfect hot beverage? Self-serve or countertop machines to suit your serving setup.

Are Coffee Machines Profitable?

On an average in higher education (colleges and universities) have around 8000 students. When you purchase a Drink Machine with us you get up to 1000 drinks. If you sell each drink for £1 - £2 then that’s £1000 - £2000 Profit before you pay for any ingredients.

Increased Safety and Convenience

A coffee machine on-site at a college or university provides convenience while preventing any safe guarding issues be keep students within the educational Grounds.

Student and Staff will not only save time by staying on the premises, but they will also be making you a profit with purchasing a drink from your Coffee Machine.

First Impression is Important

Creating the first impression instantly is about what they are offered as soon as they walk through the door. Reception Area? Perfect! You can have a self-serve Coffee Machine situated there to serve your visitors and warm welcome coffee. This will also work for Educational Events like opening days, although its typical to offer a coffee and a Biscuit but this is the type of thing people will remember.

Be Environmentally Friendly

It’s hard to believe that having a Coffee Machine will save you so much money on electricity and water compared to other ways of saving hot drinks. For example, a Hot Water Urn will use 3 times as much electricity as a Coffee Machine.

Provide Healthier Option for Students

Its common knowledge that younger adults shouldn’t be having too much caffeine. Offering them too much caffeine and coffee could sound like a bad idea. However, you could have a decaf ONLY option in Student Canteens to moderate their caffeine intake.

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