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Authorised JURA Dealers explained

Buy premium quality with confidence in the UK

Shopping with Authorised JURA dealers guarantees that you are purchasing genuine, new JURA products which include JURA's warranty. Authorised JURA dealers have access to a range of JURA resources, enabling them to provide you with excellent customer service equal to the prestige of the JURA brand. JURA Elektroapparate AG (Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland) and Jura Products Ltd. (Colne, England) carefully select only reputable retailers and distributors to protect the integrity of the JURA brand and to ensure our customers receive the best service possible.

Only dealers based in the UK are authorised to sell JURA products in the UK. No dealer outside the UK is authorised to sell JURA products into the UK. JURA products supplied to UK customers from outside the UK are not covered by any UK warranty, could be used, stolen, broken or counterfeit and do not qualify for any UK support.

If delivery of your order is not made within 48 business hours of placing the order you have reason to suspect that the JURA items might be shipped from outside the UK and therefore are not covered by any UK warranty and does not qualify for support within the UK.

Advice and Availability

Authorised JURA dealers in the UK have experts available to advise and help you before and after the sale, ensuring you enjoy all the benefits your JURA coffee machine has to offer. Authorised JURA dealers also benefit from our support to ensure your orders are fulfilled promptly.

Unauthorised Dealers

Beware of unauthorised dealers who may sell JURA products. JURA products sold by unauthorised dealers or resellers could be used, broken, counterfeit or stolen, are not covered by any JURA warranty and do not qualify for any support. All stores listed in our directory above are authorised to sell JURA products.

You are welcome to contact Jura before making a purchase to verify the dealer is authorised to sell JURA products.

Safe online shopping guidance by the UK Electrical Safety Council

One in 16 online companies which have a UK domain name are not based in the UK. The Electrical Safety Council offers practical, useful advice to help consumers avoid many possible risks:

  • Check the voltage of products is 230V, 50Hz - the UK's usual domestic voltage and fitted with a three-pin UK plug or charger.
  • Look on the site for the seller's contact details. Make sure there is a full, genuine address, not just a PO Box number. Not all websites with a .co.uk address are based in the UK.
  • Avoid buying second-hand products, especially ones where the guarantee or warranty has run out. You won't know who has owned it or what condition it is in.
  • Look for websites that allow you to pay safely - these will have a padlock at the bottom/top of the screen when you are filling in payment details.
  • Do a price check and, if you have time, visit the high street too. Ask yourself - if it's so cheap, is it safe/genuine?
  • Read the product guarantees, the seller's terms and conditions, returns policy and privacy statement.
  • If you use your credit card to spend £100 or more on an item, you can hold both the trader and the credit card company liable if something goes wrong with the sale.
  • Keep records of whatever you order.

The complete guide produced by the Electrical Safety Council can be downloaded » here.

Report Misuse

Is a dealer using our logo illegitimately? Is a dealer failing to comply with requirements? Please report instances of misuse to Jura Customer Services