Why Lease a JURA Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine?

Our Leasing Programme

We work with a number of leasing partners who provide contracts of 3-5 years. Leasing our coffee machines is the most popular method for businesses, big or small, as it works out the most cost-effective payment option.

Take a look at our Flexible Payment Options page to find out more about our different leasing and financing options for you.


Why choose JURA?

JURA is one of our most popular brands of coffee machines here at Canny Coffee. The innovative technology means their machines produce the perfect coffee every time with freshly ground coffee beans. Every machine has many programming options to test different bean varieties to find your favourite. The wide selection of hot drinks with and without milk, ensures a range to choose from so your customers are always satisfied.

All JURA machines require low maintenance thanks to the integrated rinsing and cleaning programme providing the perfect cleanliness every time. A high-quality machine that is durable and is guaranteed to keep your customers smiling at an affordable price – what more could you want?

We stock a range of JURA coffee machines so there is always one that will fit your business requirements. From the JURA GIGA X8 Gen 2 which is ideal for busy or large businesses, producing up to 200 cups a day, to the JURA JX8 which is more suited for smaller establishments with only 100 cups a day, and everything in between!

JURA machines come with a warranty of 1-3 years (check out the warranty for each machine here) so you know they are built to last and can withstand constant use. Upon installation, we provide free coffee beans and a free training session to ensure the users know how to work, clean and maintain the machine for the best possible experience.

From as low as £18 a week, you can easily and quickly make your money back from the profits of selling hot drinks at reasonable prices. These machines are ideal for cafes, bars, tea rooms and coffee shops where customers will pay that little bit extra knowing they’ll get a top-quality coffee every time!


A coffee machine will always bring extra perks and benefits to any business. If you’re feeling like something is missing at your business, a JURA bean-to-cup coffee machine is the answer! For some more information about our JURA coffee machines, check out our whole range to find the best one for you!

Our expert reps know all about our machines, so for the best advice call us on 01942 914 040 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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