Leasing a Commercial Coffee Machine

Commercial Coffee machine leasing is a flexible option for customers who wish to ease their cash flow and have a quality commercial coffee machine for an affordable price. Canny Coffee will help you through the process.

Title of the coffee machine is always offered to our customers at the end of the contractual period when leased from Canny Coffee.

You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually over a 3-5 year period, with a fixed payment making it easier to manage your cash. Leasing does not mean that you pay more. For example: buying a coffee machine outright for £3000 vs. leasing the same machine can give you a saving of up to £750 (taking into account maximum tax relief). Canny Coffee have access to many financial institutions and can offer a wide range of repayment options.  Below is a guide to the process and some general information.

Typically the coffee machine lease process will involve:

- Choose the product you desire.

- Your information is provided to the lease company.

- Credit checks will be performed.

- A decision will be generated normally within 24 hours.

- Documents generated and signed.

- The machine is then delivered to your workplace.

General information regarding coffee machine leasing:

- If you've been trading less than three years you will be automatically considered as a new start business.

- If a new start business, we can help even if you are a tenant.

- Tenants will be only considered if you are on electoral role for 3 years minimum, must have driving license or Passport and good credit history.

- A document set up fee is always charged at the beginning of every agreement.

- Maximum term is typically six years for a long established business. Three years for new start and tenants.

- Obviously with any lending, the better the status - the better the terms imposed by the lending institution.

Typical example of a coffee machine on a lease.

New start business, non-homeowner wanting a Jura Giga X3 bean to cup coffee machine and enough coffee for 1500 drinks delivery installation and training.

Purchase price £3850 could be leased for as little as £17.71 per week (company established five years with good credit status)

If you would like to find out more about leasing or wish to apply, please contact us for more information.

*Leasing is subject to approval and acceptance from our underwriting team and financial checks.