Gaggia La Solare

Gaggia La Solare
Gaggia La Solare

200 cups/day
7-inch touchscreen
Up to 5 drink categories
Up to 10 selections per each page
Manually adjustable nozzle from 72 to 167 mm
Lateral hot water wand
Double nozzle for both coffee and milk dispensing
Programmable and Plug&Play cleaning cycles of the milk circuit

With La Solare, you can offer customers beverages that combine the flavour of freshly ground coffee beans with the creaminess of fresh milk.
It’s the perfect machine for all kinds of locations, from cafés to pastry shops; in retail or in hospitality.
The elegance of an iconic brand like Gaggia Milano is self-evident in the refined lines that characterize the design of La Solare. Its aluminium profiles with their inherent sparkle, the LED-illuminated dispensing area and the gleaming stainless-steel components are just some of the features of La Solare that demonstrate the attention to detail that has been lavished on this machine ever since the design stage.

We’ve used the same meticulous attention to detail to ensure that La Solare is intuitive and easy to. In fact, in self-service mode, which is accessible via the 7-inch touchscreen, customers can easily select and customize their own drinks.

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