Canny Tino Tower

Canny Tino Tower
Canny Tino Tower
Canny Tino Tower
Canny Tino Tower

The Canny Tino Tower is a Coffee-To-Go Tower with an instant coffee machine inside, this allows your customers to have a self-serve system saving you time and staff. All you have to do is take the payment.

This comes with Cup, Lid Holder, and a Condiment Holder integrated inside the tower for storage so the customer can easily access them.

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With its excellent size, drink quality and price, it just makes perfect sense to have one of these machines in your business. They are a fraction of the price of other larger machines but with the exact same standard.

Despite the slimline design of the Tino Instant Coffee Machine, there is no compromise on performance. It comes complete with 9 Drink selections, plus extra-large, extra strong and 'top-up' options. These high-quality hot drinks are made within 8 seconds also, which makes this instant coffee machine ideal for fast-paced environments without adding to a busy day. 

Due to the machine's simplicity, very little training is needed for your staff to keep it running smoothly. Maintenance is super quick and easy, ensuring longevity.

The Tino is a favourite in many businesses, including coffee-to-go solutions.

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